How to Become a World Class Athlete

20 ways to become a world class athlete 1. Don’t limit your challenges, Challenge your limits. 2. The best thing about the past is that it shows you what not to bring into your future. 3. One important key to … Continue reading

Advice for Young Athletes

Advice for Young Athletes Dear young athletes: The one thing that’s holding you back the most, is this…‎Mindset‬ .‬ FACT: You are NOT going to play well (or the way you’d like to) every time you step out to compete. … Continue reading

Should All Tennis Players Be Trained the Same?

Should All Tennis Players Be Trained the Same? How many times do you watch junior tennis players train and all the players are working on the same shot, technique, or tactic? How can a person who is 6′ 4” be … Continue reading

Coaching and Training

Simple advice but still a rarity today in coaching and training: mastering the fundamentals and  basics first before adding on. Something we see in today’s age, especially in the social media department, is trainers and groups posting strength or movement … Continue reading

Five Tips to Building Unstoppable Confidence and Self Belief

Having confidence is the key to achieving many great things in life. It’s about the attitude you choose towards life and situations. Its also the way you think and feel about yourself. Maybe you lost it somewhere along the way … Continue reading