The Business Case for USTA to Keep the Game from Dying

Over the past few years I had experienced junior tennis in the Florida section with great enthusiasm. As the year progress in this wonderful sport and as we see fewer players that once played with us. I started to look … Continue reading

Our Kids Need More Opportunities to Play    

This week I saw an article that stated that 32% of college scholarships go to foreign students, when I saw that I can’t hide that anger was my first reaction. How can that be? We have fewer kids playing tennis … Continue reading

The data in American tennis tell the story

In the past 30 years American tennis has seen a 73% decline in the amount of top 100 players in the ATP tour This alarming number basically tells us that we lose every decade 25% of our players in the … Continue reading

More Matches For Our American Junior Tennis Players

More Matches For Our American Junior Tennis Players As many of you read my articles, I too occasionally read articles pertaining to tennis on the internet or social medial. There are times where I may agree with what is being … Continue reading