The U.S. Open 2014: No Big Surprises

The U.S. Open 2014: no big surprises

This U.S. Open did not bring any big surprises unlike another Grand Slams tennis tournaments in this year . Serena Williams, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are on their road to the final matches. I hope, we’ll see all of them fighting for the main trophy.

We continue to discuss the U.S. Open 2014. I asked a tennis coach to comment last matches and give his opinion about possible winners of this Grand Slam tennis tournament in New York.

I never thought Roger Federer would lose. Gael Monfils is the best athlete on the tour and he is totally clueless.


My guess is neither Marin Cilic nor Kei Nishikori will get a set in the semi-finals. They are very good players against very great tennis players. Djokovic and Federer definitely will play in the final match.

Andy Murray came out firing flat forehands, which is not his still. Novak Djokovic assumed he couldn’t keep it up, and he was right.

Serena Williams could always get stuck in the subway. Otherwise, the only issue is whether she will lose more than three games in a set. My guess is she won’t.

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