Who Will Win Roland Garros – the French Open 2015?

It is the interesting question. Look at the ATP tour first. As we remember, Rafael Nadal has won nine French Open titles since 2005. He only lost in Paris in 2009, when Roger Federer took his sole Roland Garros title. In this year, a situation around a possible winner looks very complicated.

The 2012 French Open

Many tennis specialists believe that it would be very difficult for Nadal to win his 10th French Open title. For example, Andrew Prochnow wrote on Bleacher Report: “The puzzling thing about Nadal’s current struggles is that they don’t appear to be tied to his famously achy knees. The problem this time around appears to be more mental in nature, with Nadal’s signature belief and determination drying up like the water resources of California in a record drought.”

At the same time, Roger Federer, the 17-time grand slam title champion, recently said he still believes Rafael Nadal is the main favorite to win in Paris despite Nadal’s troubled start to the clay-court season. Federer said:“At the French Open, Rafa for me is still the favorite alongside Djokovic, who has been playing so well…Even though his form is not as good as in previous years, I still believe when the French Open rolls around he is going to be very difficult to beat”.

We also should consider number one Novak Djokovic, as one of the main possible winners of the upcoming event along with Roger Federer and Andy Murray. Of course, it is difficult to predict a winner in a tennis tournament, so be careful about that.

Another possible contender is Kei Nishikori, who said that his goal is to win French Open in this year. “My goal is to win Roland Garros, but it’s such a different competition given the fact that matches are played in five sets so it’s extremely demanding, both physically and mentally.”

I asked a tennis coach who developed several top tennis players, including  former number one, about a possible winner on the men’s side. He said, “Djokovic is clearly the best player right now, and I think I’ll finally pick him over Nadal,who looks human on clay for the first time ever. Nishikori just isn’t that good.”

If we look at the women’s side, there are also several main contenders. The most possible winner is Serena Williams, who took over the number one position in February 2013, tying her with Chris Evert for the third longest streak in WTA history.

During that time, Williams has won 19 titles, including four Grand Slams. The streak is at 114 weeks and counting, the third-longest run in WTA history. Among other possible winners are Simona Halep, Maria Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki.

The French Open 2015 will begin on Sunday, May 24 and end on Sunday, June 7. I hope, it would be an interesting and intriguing tournament. Enjoy watching.

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