Why Did American Tennis Players Lose Their Leadership in the World?

I asked some famous tennis coaches and tennis players that question. There are their thoughts and opinion.

Pete Sampras 196x300 - Why Did American Tennis Players Lose Their Leadership in the World?There is no one good answer to why American tennis has lost its dominance. My first thought is that everybody is in a hurry to turn pro, and they neglect the fundamentals.

How many women can serve? How many men or women can volley or hit backhand slices? Everybody plays the same game. It’s like a rock throwing contest.

Next, Americans tennis players are spoiled. They think they can buy strokes. It doesn’t work that way.

Finally, the USTA has done a disastrous job of promoting grass roots tennis. They put all their emphasis and money in the 20 best 12 year olds and older tennis players, but the best athletes have been playing soccer for 8 years by then. In Europe, tennis has much less competition.

American culture has changed – too many distractions for young kids. Global competition has become stronger. Tennis is the #2 or #3 sport in most countries, but for the USA it is much farther down the list.

What do you think about that? What is your opinion why is America not a leader in world tennis anymore?

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