How to Win a Tennis Tournament?

There is no better feeling than winning the tournament. When we win the last point in the final we start to respect our past work. We understand the reason of all hard practice sessions and we are happy that our internal motivation led us to this moment.

But getting the trophy is not an easy job. Only one person can win the tournament and be really happy. So is there a recipe to have bigger chances for beating all rivals during the competition?

Hard work. Everybody knows that to get better, improve own skills and make chances bigger for winning the tournament we have to put a lot of hard work for many weeks to prepare for this deciding moment. This is the basic that all players and coaches have to implement to think about big goals.

But unfortunately it is not enough. In a regular draw there are 32 players with similar abilities who work really hard day by day. They make sacrifices, they train on the court and in the gym, they spend a lot of money on their career so the competition is really high. Where is the difference? What is the difference? How to win the tournament?

As we know tennis is a complex sport. If you want to be the best you have to take care of technical, tactical, physical, mental, and nutritional aspects. If you have weakness in one of them it can be a deciding factor. Lack of solid backhand can be used by your opponent to put you in trouble. Wrong strategy can lead to unexpected loss.

Inability to control emotions can cost you important points during the final set. Poor stamina can result in many unforced errors while being tired. Eating unhealthy can get your body recover slowly so even you played great the first match the second one will be a nightmare because you won’t have an energy.

So it all comes down to preparation. You can’t win a tournament if you are not prepared. If you put a lot of hard work during preceding weeks you can be sure that you are on the right track to get the trophy. But it is not all. If you want to beat your rivals and be number one you should focus on these 3 things. If you apply these tips you will get enormous advantage over your opponents.


Mental aspect plays a crucial role in tennis. If you want to be a champion you have to think like a champion. A lot of times I see players who lack confidence because they don’t look at things as they really are. Athletes think that to win tournament they have to be better than 31 others athletes.

That is completely false. If there are 32 players in a draw you have to be better than 5 players to win the trophy. 1 in the first round. 1 in the second round. 1 in QF. 1 in SF and 1 in the final. That is the reality. There can be players who you always lose to but it doesn’t mean that you can’t win the tournament. Focus just on your opponent – not on others. If you beat one opponent at the time you have a big chance to finish as the best one.

 2. Physical preparation

Winning the tournament means getting through at least 5 matches. Additionally you will have to warm up every day and practice a little bit to stay in the top shape. Without proper physical level you won’t be able to achieve this task. There are a lot of players who play enormously well during first rounds just to play one of the worst matches in their careers while fighting for the final. It is nothing more than just poor physical skills.

To win the tournament you need constant solid performances so your body has to be ready for that. Make sure you put as much effort into your gym sessions as you do on the tennis court and winning the trophy will be your new reality.

 3. Recovery

Even the best athletes have limitations. Your body and mind have too. Only if you make smart decisions about your recovery you can be sure that you will be perfectly prepared for your next battle. If you think you are a machine you can pay a big price for that e.g during the semi-final. Players who wander all day around the courts are not the ones who lift trophy at the end of the week.

Your body and mind are under constant pressure so you have to implement recovery techniques to help them perform at the optimal level. Make sure you have plenty of rest between the matches, you drink enough liquids to replenish lost fluids and you sleep 7-8 hours to get the most of the best recovery for a human body.

Winning a tennis tournament doesn’t happen by a surprise. It is a planned mission that you can accomplish if you will implement given tips. Good luck on your next one!

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  1. Excellent post! Shows how many discrete but crucial factors go into the making of an elite player…