How Parents Can Help to Develop Young Tennis Players

We received the following question from a tennis parent

“I have two daughters 6 and nearly 5 and two sons 3 and 1 year-old. My aim is to get them into sports especially tennis. As I read a very good advice I need a good program to start  my plan. I am not a tennis coach but I think I  can help towards it. I am asking if you have any CD or any other information how to start my kids slowly and surely? Looking forward to your answer.”

Our tennis experts Marcin Bieniek gives his advice on how parents can help to develop young tennis players

Nice to hear that you are ready to do so much for your kids. At this time you have 2 groups of kids and your approaches should be totally different. Your daughters are older and they are ready to do a lot of activities with racquets. Your boys are pretty young so having fun with balls and doing simple physical exercises are priorities for them.

You have to understand that you are really important in their development and there is a lot you can do to help them with the first steps. You don’t even have to play by yourself because at this age having fun and falling in love with tennis don’t require advanced tennis education.

There is a lot of stuff on YouTube as also on instructional tennis websites that you can be interested in. If you want to do it by yourself then search for videos related to tennis U10. You can also type name “Mike Barrell” or “Emma Doyle” – they are really good at working with kids. If you would like to get help from professional coach to create individual development plan for your kids then you can contact me. All the best with your mission.

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