Seven Key Reasons Why the Best Tennis Players Succeed

Seven Key Reasons Why the Best Tennis Players Succeed

Every junior tennis player needs to read this: Your ‪success‬ is determined in how you handle the ‘bad’ days.

To every junior athlete/ tennis player out there, the sooner you can get to grips with these seven points below, I promise you the sooner you will step up to that next level. To be an elite athlete in a sport you need to be in great physical shape, have a good understanding of the game or sport, and pay attention to your nutrition.

However, the biggest gain to be made can be found in your mindset, and how you go about handling what I call the ‘bad’ days.


Here are seven key reasons why the best tennis players succeed:

  1. A successful athlete accepts that they are not going to perform their best level every time they step onto the court, track or playing field.
  2. They understand that success does not lie in a one-off upset against a big player or just having a few good results. It lies in consistent control of their emotions and mindset.
  3. A successful tennis player understands that in order to win on their ‘bad’ days, they need to always give their best and believe they can actually win.
  4. A successful athlete does not spend their time comparing themselves or current level to their greatest ever performance.
  5. The success of a tennis player lies in their ability to play ‘well enough’ to pull out a win on that day. They understand it gives them another day and chance to make it better!
  6. They do not ruin their chances of winning or playing better (even when playing poorly) by letting a negative or bad attitude get in the way.
  7. They know how to win ugly.

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