Fourteen Principles of Mental Toughness in Tennis

1. Mental toughness can only be taught by someone who is mentally tough. 2. There is nothing on the web about mental toughness of any value. It is all pop psychology or pseudo psychology. 3. Most people can learn to … Continue reading

The Difference Between the Best Tennis Players and Other Players

What is the difference between the top National tennis players and those who are knocking around the top of the county? Having attended the County Cup National Finals a few weeks ago, it was great to see the differences between … Continue reading

Mental Toughness…It’s a Choice!

Recently I have been watching a programme on BBC2 called the Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week which coincidentally a friend of mine from University was participating in. To give you a brief background to the programme, 29 of the UK’s … Continue reading

Let Kid’s Fail

This is something I’m big on when it comes to training young kids, and that’s allowing them to make mistakes, take risks and FAIL. In fact, before I start a training session with young kids, one of my main requests … Continue reading

How to Become a World Class Athlete

20 ways to become a world class athlete 1. Don’t limit your challenges, Challenge your limits. 2. The best thing about the past is that it shows you what not to bring into your future. 3. One important key to … Continue reading