Tennis Champions Are Responsible for their Success

How far an athlete gets in their career lies entirely in their hands. It has little to do with federations or coaching. Oh, the good old blame game… The reasons why some don’t make it, blaming geographical position, tennis academies, … Continue reading

Medical Considerations When Identifying Tennis Talent

I continue to publish scientific articles about a development of a good tennis player and identification of tennis talent. I strongly recommend tennis parents to read coaching and sport science review of the ITF regularly. You are a parent and … Continue reading

Discussion about an ideal tennis academy

We continue a discussion about ideal tennis academy. Here is an opinion of Alex Yep 2, founder and Instructor of Physio Technical Tennis at Physio Technical Tennis: “Yes, it is possible. A matter of fact , I think there is … Continue reading

Ideal tennis academy. Is it possible?

I decided to publish this reply from Mike Erwin as a separate post. Join the discussion and express your opinions. I disagree with the idea that a great tennis player automatically makes a great coach. I do believe those ex-players … Continue reading

Practice under pressure on the tennis court

Another psychological secret of tennis champions from the book Maximum tennis by Nick Saviano. To best deal with the pressure of competition on the tennis court, frequently simulate those experiences in practice. The legendary coach of UCLA’s dynasty, John Wooden, … Continue reading