Parents and their role in the training of junior tennis players

We received the following question from a tennis mom: “I have a 13-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl that are both playing tennis. And they both run for at least 30 minutes early morning (6 am) from Monday to Saturday. … Continue reading

School and a Junior Tennis Player

There is a question from a tennis parent My son is 14 years old and he has been going to a regular school. But now He is struggling with full time school. He had an injury two months ago and … Continue reading

A Letter from a Kid to Tennis Parents

As a de facto coach and tennis parent I always see crazy tennis parents behave in strange matters when their kids play. Yelling, calling balls out, trying to coach, not talking to others etc. Last Sunday, I sat next to … Continue reading

The “Crazy” Tennis Parents

To become a high-level collegiate tennis player or professional, many times there are tough parents or “crazy” tennis parents as some would say, involved in the process. I believe in tough love, which does not mean that you beat down … Continue reading

The Parent Is the Key to the Tennis Success of a Kid

The Parent Is the Key to the Tennis Success of a Kid The key to the tennis success of a kid, is the parent, and I can tell you most are doing a poor job. In the triangle (coach, kid, … Continue reading