Three Things Every Young Athlete Needs to Know in Order to Succeed

Three things every young athlete needs to know in order to succeed

1. The Mind is everything.

It can be your best friend or your biggest enemy. When you choose to act, think and stay positive, especially during pressure situations in matches, the better chance you will have of succeeding. You will be surprised how many better skilled or talented players you can beat just by keeping ‘it together’ and believing. To be champion minded you have true self confidence.

2. Look and act like a Winner.

Your body language speaks volumes. They say you can tell a winner from a a mile away. Your posture and the way you carry yourself sends a powerful message to your opponents. Walking around with slumped shoulders and dragging your feet, sends a message that you are doubtful, negative and unsure.

In fact, it only gives your opponents more energy and power. Looking and acting like a winner (even when you are trailing in a match), sends a message of “I’m coming at you with my best”.

3. Never, ever give up!

If you keep ‘hanging in there’, great things can happen. I promise you. No matter how badly you are performing or how impossible it seems, there’s a chance. Why? Because you’re still alive and ‘in it’.

In fact, your best chance to turn a match around is when your opponent thinks they are near the finish line and think they’ve already won. That’s when you keep pushing them and keep playing!

Your opponents fear it most, when they are close to winning and you are still putting the pressure on!

I promise you that the quicker you implement these 3 things, the better chances of success you will have!

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