The Injured Athlete: Why a Setback Can Be a Great Opportunity

The injured athlete: Why a setback can be a great opportunity for an even bigger comeback! This is the way I see it, maybe because I’m a total optimist, but I only see injuries as a great opportunity to re-assess … Continue reading

Sport-Based Youth Development

Youth development: 10-year-old’s don’t need to be doing ‘set’ fitness programs 10-year-old kids should not be doing sport specific fitness training. They should rather be playing other fun games & sports to develop their athletic skills. Their ‘fitness training’ should … Continue reading

Tennis Player Health: Shoulders and Wrists

In my experience, one area a lot of tennis players don’t consider enough is, is investing time and finding the right type of tennis string and tension to use. This is especially evident in juniors tennis players. They spend money … Continue reading

Are Sports Doctors and Physiotherapists qualified to write training programs?

Why is it that some sports doctors and physiotherapists feel they are also experts in the field of sports performance training? In my opinion, if you haven’t done at least 10 years in the field you are trying to give … Continue reading

How to Train Young Talented Kids

Every parent of a talented kid should read this: 70% of talented kids drop out of their sport before age 13. The reality is, 70% of all kids quit organized sports by the age of 13, and the number one … Continue reading