Ten Things that Great Coaches Do

Great coaches are great listeners. Great coaches are great motivators. Great  coaches don’t just communicate well, they connect. Great coaches are great teachers. Great coaches care. They don’t only teach and coach the sport, they teach life skills and lessons. … Continue reading

Important Lessons from Roger Federer Season in 2017

We just started new year. 2018 is on. As all people do it is time to analyze past year and learn some lessons from our own experience. But why should we limit our improvement just to our own positive and … Continue reading

Coaching Longevity = Practice What You Preach

Coaching Longevity = Practice What You Preach We tell our players to stretch, eat well, and stay hydrated, to get a lot of sleep and to take care of their bodies. We want them to do all the “little things” … Continue reading

22 Things Brilliant Athletic Coaches Do

22 Things Brilliant Athletic Coaches Do Have a growth mindset. Know their athletes. Keep instructions simple. Teach the fundamentals well and stay close to them. Connect with their athletes. Educate their athletes. Communicate with parents. Listen to their athletes. Lead by … Continue reading

Can mobile phone help juniors in tennis?

Every day counts. What was great 10 years ago now it is called „obsolete”. You can have your own opinion about different subjects but the truth is that if you want to move forward you have to accept new technologies. … Continue reading