Ten Things that Great Coaches Do

Great coaches are great listeners. Great coaches are great motivators. Great  coaches don’t just communicate well, they connect. Great coaches are great teachers. Great coaches care. They don’t only teach and coach the sport, they teach life skills and lessons. … Continue reading

Tennis Is One of the Most Physically Demanding Sport

Male students often arrive at our place in horrible poor physical shape. I have inquired about this and they reveal that they are discouraged from participating in any physically demanding activity for fear that it will be too much for … Continue reading

Coaching Longevity = Practice What You Preach

Coaching Longevity = Practice What You Preach We tell our players to stretch, eat well, and stay hydrated, to get a lot of sleep and to take care of their bodies. We want them to do all the “little things” … Continue reading

22 Things Brilliant Athletic Coaches Do

22 Things Brilliant Athletic Coaches Do Have a growth mindset. Know their athletes. Keep instructions simple. Teach the fundamentals well and stay close to them. Connect with their athletes. Educate their athletes. Communicate with parents. Listen to their athletes. Lead by … Continue reading

Time Lag Between “Knowing” and “Doing”

A long and complex mathematical computation may take several trials to complete. Each trial is a practice run at getting it right. The combination of trial followed by “gestation” can take as much as three days. After three days there … Continue reading