Novak Djokovic Wins Roger Federer in the Classic Wimbledon Final

We continue to discuss the Wimbledon’s results with a tennis coach.

What do you think about the Wimbledon 2014 men’s final tennis match?

I’d ditch the new racket. Roger Federer can’t control his forehand. The extra velocity on the serve and backhand don’t help as much as the insecurity on his go-to shot hurts. And the speed on his first serve didn’t help in the final game, since Federer couldn’t put it in.


It wasn’t greats tennis. It was two great tennis players who respect each other so much that they would try not to permit the other to attack. So when Roger Federer sliced, Novak Djokovic sliced back. When Roger hit a corner, Novak put it back in the opposite corner. And Federer did the same when Djokovic attacked.

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Novak Djokovic Wins Roger Federer in the Classic Wimbledon Final — 1 Comment

  1. I don’t think the match was complicated. Djokovic has a much stronger return of serve otherwise pretty much a draw Federer showed great courage in coming back but return of service notably different between the two. I saw part of Federer’s match with Wawrinka, thought it was better tennis but Stan’s return of serve is not as good as Novak’s. Novak killed Federer with serve down the middle on the deuce court especially.