How Simona Halep Should Play to Win Maria Sharapova at Roland Garros 2014

I asked a tennis coach about how Simona Halep should play to win over Maria Sharapova. There is his answer and advice to Simona. I hope she will read it:


Simona Halep has movement in her favor and nothing else, unless Maria Sharapova hits even more double faults than usual. Halep has to make Sharapova run to the forehand, then get her to be late returning into position. I would try some low inside out slices, but I don’t know if Simona Halep can hit that shot. And just stay loose. The pressure is all on Maria.

In Maria Sharapova – Genie Bouchard match, Sharapova again, in the straight third match, won in three sets. It is a very risky strategy. What do you think about that?

I wonder if there are statistics on who is the greatest third set tennis player of all time. I’ve certainly never seen anything like this.

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