The strangest women’s final at Australian Open for many years

I was disappointed watching the women’s final at Australia Open.  It was too boring. Both players served like teens.Tennis world definitely needs fresh blood. Where are you new Henin and Graf? I miss those days when major’s final was a battle. Not like this dull one.


Victoria Azarenka played more cautiously than usual, and that cost her the first set. Li Na’s ankle injuries probably cost her the match, though she certainly gave it a try. The forehand, which everybody expected to desert her, finally did. Otherwise she might still have won.

Apparently, nobody has learned from Serena Williams dominance that a serve can be a weapon. Who would imagine Australian Open final in which winner and loser both win 50% of their first serves and 30% of their second serves. Nobody works on the serve as a weapon and it shows.


The strangest women’s final at Australian Open for many years — 1 Comment

  1. The game has changed for the spectators. More balls hit over the net due to slower court surfaces meaning more time and energy on court for the players.
    The new strokes have created more responses for returns of serve and the fastest serve speed is up to 263km. Injuries have increased due to more running for longer. As you tire after 5hours, your footwork slips up and can create issues. Both finals had ankle and foot issues that linked to the result. Andrew Hill – Elite Tennis Coach