Cross Court Tennis Challenge Game

Cross Court Tennis Challenge Game

A new tennis game has appeared which harks back to the old pong game of yesteryear. The game looks to celebrate the French Open which of course takes place at Roland Garros over the next couple of weeks.


The game is called Cross Court Challenge and features some familiar faces from the world of tennis including Muzza [Andy Murray] King Roger [Roger Federer] The Djoker [Novak Djokovic] and lastly the master of the clay court himself, Rafi [Rafa Nadal]. You also get the choice of playing on one of the famous two courts, the Phillipe-Chatrier or the Suzanne-Lenglen.


You can also share your score through social media and you may even appear on the leader board if you are good enough!

You can play the game over at 

Coaching and Training

Simple advice but still a rarity today in coaching and training: mastering the fundamentals and  basics first before adding on.

Something we see in today’s age, especially in the social media department, is trainers and groups posting strength or movement video’s of their kids or athletes performing drills and exercises.

The problem with this, is that people take and copy these drills and exercises without understanding the WHY, HOW, WHEN and WHAT.

Coaching & TrainingJust this morning I saw a video of a 12 or something year old kid being tied to a harness resistance rope and performing a movement drill. This kid could not even maintain a proper posture or decent balance. He was all over the place.
On top of it, we hear the coach shouting – “FASTER”!


I get this all the time; “Hey Allistair, where can I buy a harness, where can I get a speed bullet?” etc..etc.., but then I see that their athletes don’t even know how to run properly or lateral shuffle!

What happens is that a rush of blood goes to the head with the coach or trainer thinking “Wow, that looks cool, that’s what we are doing at practice this week!”

When it comes to adding any form of equipment or speed harnesses, I need to make sure my athletes can do the basics first. Heck, even some of my elite and world class athletes I don’t put a harness on!!!!!!!

If fact, in my method, athletes need to be able to perform a variety of exercises and movements exceptionally well, before they are allowed to go near any form of added speed resistance.

Simple is better.

Adding on and doing what ‘the pro’s do’ is not going to help your 12 year old. They need to learn how to run properly, stand on one leg, catch and kick a ball well on their weaker side, etc…

Fancy equipment, flashy video’s and hyped music might catch out some of the people, but the one’s who understand the WHY, HOW, WHEN and WHAT, know better.
It may look cool, it may fool a few, but in the end it’s doing an injustice to the athlete.

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Who will win French Open 2015?

Who will win French Open 2015?

Novak Djokovic

There are not going to be any major surprises in my Roland Garros- the 2015 French Open predictions.

On the men’s side, Novak Djokovic seems to be the clear cut favorite as Rafael Nadal has been struggling to find his form and seems to be very low on confidence. You can never really count out Nadal, but he has never been at this level entering the French Open. If he can get some early round wins in convincing fashion under his belt, he may win the French yet again, but Djokovic looks like the man to beat.

The only other two men who I believe can push Djokovic are Andy Murray and Kei Nishikori. I believe that Nishikori is on the brink of winning a slam, but I am not sure it is the 2015 French Open.

On the women’s side, Serena Williams looks unstoppable if she stays focused. She looks to be in shape and she has transformed her game to much higher levels in the past couple of years. Maria Sharapova and Simona Halep can make some deep runs into the second week, but if Serena is determined and focused, I do not believe they can take her down.

Carla Suarez Navarro has had a great year and has a game tailor made for the French Open, but if she plays Serena or Maria; I believe she will have trouble hurting those girls due to a less powerful game.

So there it is, Todd Widom’s 2015 French Open predictions and there are no real surprises. We will wait and see who comes out on top in the two week marathon grand slam event.

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Understanding the Game of Tennis

All too often while watching junior or collegiate tennis players play matches, it is very difficult to figure out what is trying to be accomplished on the court in a tournament or collegiate match. The best tennis players know exactly how they are going to construct points against the opponent and how they are going to use their strengths against the opponent’s weaknesses.

Novak Djokovic

Playing a match and running and hitting a tennis ball wherever you would like is not going to help you win more matches. Tennis is a thinking game and if you do not know how to plan points properly and execute them, your development will come to a screeching halt. In the United States, it seems that we have become obsessed with perfecting our strokes rather than working on some more crucial areas of tennis that are going to help you win more matches.

Having proper technique is important, but understanding the game of tennis and moving and competing properly on the court is much more important. If you look at the best tennis players in the world, they all have weaknesses.

Taking more technical lessons and trying to develop pretty tennis strokes generates more money for the coaches. The best tennis players in the world hit the ball well, but also keep in mind that they have hit millions of tennis balls in a high disciplined environment for many years, which produces high level tennis players.

What people fail to understand, is that these high level tennis players are amazing athletes, and they could never hit these types of shots without grueling physical workouts that they endure day after day.

Tennis is a game of brains, toughness, and movement. There are plenty of professionals that have a weird stroke or a hitch in their game, but somehow they make a great living at this amazing sport. Once you get to a certain level, everyone can hit a tennis ball well, so what separates one player from another?

Athleticism, fitness and mental toughness is what is going to separate the high level players from the not so high level players, at all levels. There is a reason that other countries are developing better and a larger number of professionals then the United States. Their philosophies of tennis are based on physicality, mental toughness, smarts, discipline and sound technique, not the most beautiful tennis strokes.

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Get Your Tennis Coaching from Serena Williams!

Every aspiring professional tennis player will have heard every trick in the book when it comes to perfecting his or her technique – whether it’s changing one’s grip or studying the other player’s game plan.

But while we can try every tip and trick imaginable, nothing quite compares to good old fashioned advice from the professionals – and who better than the World #1? That’s right – tennis ace and all round superstar Serena Williams is now offering her own tennis masterclasses for the modest price of $90.

A one to one at Wimbledon it is not; however, video tutorials showing Serena in action have now become available at, a site built for those who wish to hone their own personal skills from sports to acting.

The site provides a comprehensive learning plan for players of all abilities, with 10 lessons covering everything from basic groundstrokes to the serve. As the holder of 19 Grand Slam Singles titles and an incredible 128mph serve, suffice to say there are few people more equipped to teach these essential skills.

Serena has joined the ranks of actor Dustin Hoffman, writer James Hoffman and photographer Annie Leibovitz to take time out from her busy schedule to teach her peers. And a busy schedule it is indeed – the star is now preparing for the French Open after pulling out of the Italian Open with an elbow injury. Defending her title in Rome, the 33-year-old was set to take on fellow American Christina McHale, but made the executive decision to keep herself in good health.

She said: “We have to make the right decisions for the future, not for now. You know I hate, hate quitting, and this isn’t quitting; it’s just making a good decision.” She added that she wanted enough time to heal and practice for the French Open, which is currently taking place at Roland Garros until 7th June.

Serena was not the only star to preserve her strength for France. World #3 Andy Murray also pulled out of the Italian Open recently, citing fatigue. He told his 3 million Twitter followers that he was fatigued after playing 10 matches in 12 days.

Let’s hope that both Murray and Williams are back to their best for the French Open this month – in the meantime, we’ll be signing up to the Masterclass to see if we can serve like Serena.