How to Create a Perfect Tennis Club

Participation, participation, participation! We now have a new focus for British Tennis…Participation! Although I laugh when making that statement as it seems obvious that this is something a governing body should be doing but it is a serious direction that … Continue reading

Tennis Is One of the Most Physically Demanding Sport

Male students often arrive at our place in horrible poor physical shape. I have inquired about this and they reveal that they are discouraged from participating in any physically demanding activity for fear that it will be too much for … Continue reading

Time Lag Between “Knowing” and “Doing”

A long and complex mathematical computation may take several trials to complete. Each trial is a practice run at getting it right. The combination of trial followed by “gestation” can take as much as three days. After three days there … Continue reading

Advice for a Professional Athlete

Dear professional athlete or just retired professional athlete: A few things to consider: – Your career will fly by quicker than you could ever have imagined, so grab and maximize every opportunity you get. – You will encounter many temptations … Continue reading

Command and Cooperative Coaching Styles in Tennis

Effective coaching doesn’t come in one form as every player is different and depending on the students and dynamics within the group, the coach has to select the best way to communicate to achieve the best results. It is very … Continue reading