Know You Are Average  

I am not a huge basketball fan but like most sports fan, I do enjoy the NBA Playoffs. I remember watching one game where the star player of the team was having a terrible first half and did not score … Continue reading

A Letter from a Junior Tennis Player

I received this letter from a junior tennis player from Mexico. Please express your opinion or give advice to the author. Thanks. Hello, I’m 16 years old and I live in Mexico City. So I wanted to asked former advice because … Continue reading

Performing Under Pressure

Performing Under Pressure  Athletes, It comes down to this: You can be a beast in training (that’s good, that’s ok), the undisputed king of winning practice matches or points, but if your can’t perform under pressure when it counts (competition … Continue reading

Coaching and Training

Simple advice but still a rarity today in coaching and training: mastering the fundamentals and  basics first before adding on. Something we see in today’s age, especially in the social media department, is trainers and groups posting strength or movement … Continue reading

Get Your Tennis Coaching from Serena Williams!

Every aspiring professional tennis player will have heard every trick in the book when it comes to perfecting his or her technique – whether it’s changing one’s grip or studying the other player’s game plan. But while we can try … Continue reading